Jan 28, 2011

Have you read an eBook lately? I think you should give it a try!

I've been trying to make everyone more aware of the formats you can get an eBook in.  You have the Kindle, iPad, Nook readers and many more, but did you also know that you can just get an eBook App for your Smartphone?   Not to mention that you can also get these eBook services for you PC and it's all FREE!  Just download it.  You don't need a reader, not that they aren't cool, because they are, but you can survive without one. 

One of my friends told me I would be surprised at how easy it was to get used to reading an eBook on the smartphone (in my case it's an iPhone 4).  I argrued it couldn't be that easy, but only because I naturally had to disagree with him, because no one wants their friend to know better than them.  Well, I broke down and actually paid for a book (which I didn't want to pay for, but did) and began reading.  I am shocked at how incredibly easy and convenient this is.  I marvel!  You can customize your fonts and backlighting and several things like that to make it even better, but reading a book in the palm of your hand is pretty darn cool. 

So what else do you need to know?  What do I suggest?  If you have an iTunes account then buy an iBook and if you have an Amazon, get a Kindle.  Find one of your favorite stories you haven't read in a long time and give it a go.  I don't suggest you pay much for it either, sometimes you have no choice, BUT there are tons of books out there for FREE that are classics and new ones as well.  Make the first one a good one though, that is what I did. 

Open your eyes to another world, it's certainly opened mine! 

Link of classic eBooks!

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