Dotson P. Jarrett

Dotson P. Jarrett will be contributing short humorous stories to our readers.   He enjoys basketball and telling jokes.  We are glad to have him among ranks as the quality of his work is unrivaled.  His first publication with us will be available soon.  Below are some summaries of his works on the way.

Jarrett's Tales...

The Blades - Two old cogers try and settled once and for all how high they should be setting their lawn mower blades.

Carnated - A man wakes up mysteryiously inside a zoo cage and tries to find out which animal he has become.

The People Who Smelled Like Pee - A young man tries to determine which passenger inside a crowded elevator smells on his long ride to the top.

Bubba Get's a Bath - A stubborn country boy refuses to take a bath before his sisters big wedding.