Overt 'Doc' Vass

Overt 'Doc' Vass is currently working on a collection of general fiction stories.  Mr. Vass is also operating under a pen name as he likes to keep his private life...private.  That is okay with us, we are just glad to have another experienced writer bolstering our ranks.  He was kind enough to give us some inside details of his writing. 

Summaries of his works underway...

Old Fools - A group or old men act like ornery young men throughout the course of thier lives despite their age and appearance.

Eight Maids of Milking - A wealthy man recounts his continuous affairs with his maids over the course of his life as he tries to assess if their was ever true love among them. 

The Schiester King - A boy recounts the misadventures he experiences spending time with his dubious father.