Jan 15, 2011

PROMOTE A BOOK HERE! Childrens books and Up!

That's right, go ahead and take a shot promoting your book or blog or publishing company right here.  Feel free to recommend a favorite story as well.  Why?  Well it seems alot of people don't want you promoting your book in their comments sections or message boards or anywhere else.  I guess that is considered bad manners.

Us flying above the Earth!
With that being said, we want clean content on the comments and not racy books, but material that is appropriate for a broad audience of readers, including children, hence childrens books are welcome as well.  We like to use movie ratings as a simple standard that everyone can relate too.  We believe that stories that can be shared by the family are the best ones.  This isn't a new standard, but rather an old one. 

Don't get us wrong, we like the variety of entertainment that is out there, but we have to set some parameters on this initial post and we shall see how it goes.  We hope to hear from some new authors out there.  Tell us what you got?

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